G Da Man

G Da Man — Artist, Movie Director, Producer, Actor, Rap Star, MadMan, Engineer

GH Productions & Films

Edward Gene Hicks a.k.a. G-Da-Man began his career in the mid-west Hip-Hop underground scene. Spending many years producing, performing and hosting events all over the mid-west, making a name and gaining respect from his peers, Gene began to set his sights on film production. With his knowledge of production from years of working in the underground and his studying of martial since the age of six, he set his goals on becoming a force to recon with as an African American action film maker. Graduating from Columbia College Chicago Illinois in 2008 with a B.A. in Arts Entertainment Media Management, he started GH Productions and Films. Producing many music videos for artist all over the country and honing his directorial skills. Working on indie film projects as a fight choreographer and actor in Chicago, he now writes, produces, directs and films his own movies. Releasing his first film in 2008 titled "Loyalty" and now his next action packed film "The Dying Breed".